Why Legacy Bible College


Our teaching method – LBC uses a hybrid teaching style that allows working professionals to maintain their careers while working towards their future.  We utilize distance learning collaborative technology that allows us to meet once per week in an eight week course and apply that knowledge online throughout the week on the students’ schedules.  Some people wake up early and refreshed and can focus well on their Legacy work and others get their mental energies recharged at night.  This system uses Populi technology to provide flexibility in a collaborative environment where some assignments allow students to work together on projects or provide feedback on discussions.


Our Legacy – Remembering and honoring those who have contributed to our college allows us to clearly see the future we want to build.  We meet out students with innovative and progressive teaching methods and perspectives to prepare them to apply higher Christian education in a rapidly changing world.  

Here are the costs for other institutions:

Calhoun Community College – $130 in state per credit hour ($218 for out of state students)
Athens State University – $225 in state per credit hour ($359 for out of state students)
University of Alabama in Huntsville – $427 in state per credit hour ($1010 for out of state students)
Liberty University – $320-570 per credit hour (depending on the program)