Tuition and Fees


Application Fee – Graduate (one-time, non-refundable) $30.00
Student Activity and Security Fee (per semester) $20.00
Tuition (per credit semester hour) $150.00
Audit Fee (per audit class) $125.00
Graduation Fee $150.00
Transcript Fee (after the first copy) $10.00
Overdue Fee (for late payments) 10%

Payment at Registration

Payment of 25% of tuition and fees is due at the time of registration. The only exceptions are mitigating circumstances approved by the Business Office and/or CFO. Balance of all tuition and fees must be paid in full by last date of class. Students who have not paid their tuition and other fees will not receive grades, awards, or transcripts, or be able to register for classes until these fees are paid in full.

Explanation of Fees:

  • Application Fee: This is a fee that a student pays when submitting an application for admission (non-refundable).

  • Graduation Fee: This is a fee required of all graduating students receiving a certificate or a These funds are used to pay the cost of items associated with graduation exercises (speakers, special music, printing of programs, invitation, and awards)

  • Transcript Fee: This fee pays the cost of issuing a transcript and is charged for all transcripts sent other than the first which is free.


Scholarships may be available on a per student basis.

Veterans Aid

Legacy offers a 10% tuition discount to veterans and their immediate family.